Which Ics Function Is Responsible For Documentation Of Mutual Aid Agreements Answer

27. What ICS function monitors incident costs and provides accounting, acquisition, time recording and cost analysis?A. CommandB. Operation C. LogisticsD. Finance/administration 36. The acquisition, storage and inventory of resources are part of what NIMS Management Characteristic?A. AccountabilityB. Incident Facilities and LocationsC. Global resource managementD. Unified Command The ICS function, which is responsible for documenting mutual assistance agreements, is: Planning . 21.

Which ICS function area tracks resources, collects and analyzes information and manages documentation?A. PlanningB. Operation C. LogisticsD. Finance/Administration The Incident Command System is an administrative structure that can assist in managing resources in the event of an incident. It is a mutual aid agreement that is written between the agencies. 41. What function area ICS defines tactics and manages all operational resources to achieve the objectives of the incident?A. PlanningB. Operation C. LogisticsD. Finance/Administration What area of operation of the CSI provides the resources and services needed to support the achievement of the objectives of the incident? 7.

Which general staff negotiates and supervises contracts, provides reimbursement documents and monitors timing for incident personnel?A. Logistics Section ChiefB. Chief Operations Section. The planning section of the ChiefD section. Liaison:A. “Provides the resources and services needed to support the targets of the incident.B. Monitors resources and manages incident documentation.C. Provides information to the public. D. Is the interlocutor for other reaction organizations.

13. What function is ICS responsible for documenting mutual assistance agreements?A. PlanningB. CommandC incident. Operation D. Are financial/administrative, storage and storage resources part of the NIMS management feature? 42. The Incident Commander or Unified Commander defines incident targets that include:A. Identify strategies, tactics, tasks and activities to achieve objectives.B. Incident management team staff selection.C. Delegate functional responsibilities and indicate resource types.D. Setting up a manageable control margin. 19.

Qualification, certification and registration staff are on this staff, including NIMS Management Characteristic?A. AccountabilityB. Global Resource ManagementC. Incident installations and sitesD. Information and information management 39. Which staff officer is responsible for feeding incident personnel and has communications, medical assistance and transportation to achieve the operational objective?A. Logistics Section ChiefB. Security Officer C. Public Information OfficerD. Director of Planning At the scene of the incident, who handles media requests? 3.

Which command and staff member is linked to other agencies to meet the information requirements for incidents?A. Liaison OfficerB. Security Officer C. Public Information OfficerD. Commander El cuadrado de un n`mero es igual al cu`druple del mismo é De q n`mero de trata 4 11. The community-wide approach involves different organizations within the federal government.A. TRUEB. FALSE If the command is transferred, the process must contain a (n): 28. Check-in, Incident Action Planning, Personal Responsibility and Resource Tracking are required to ensure:A.